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Kuninkuusravit: Kuninkuusravit in English

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Kuninkuusravit in English

Information about "Kuninkuusravit" championships of the Finnish horses and biggest trotting horse event in Finland

Date and place:
At Oulu
24. and 25th of July 2010

What’s it all about?

Championships of the Finnish horses is a traditional summer happening which offers experiences to everyone. The main competition is for the best stallions and mares and it is divided in three parts and two days. First race is Saturdays 2100 metres and at Sunday the best horses show their speed and powers first at one mile race and then finally at 3100 metres stayer-race, which is a great final to a weekend of big feelings and great glory. Äimärautio race track is located just beside of the city of Oulu so it is to find and to join the big festival on trotters and Finnish horse sport!

"Kuninkuusravit" as we say in Finland, is a very big finnish folk and sport event, which collects over 50 000 spectators to Oulu in two days! That means absolutelly amazing atmosphere, huge prices and winnings in exiting gambling and for the succeeded horses, a great Finnish summer party for the kids, youngsters, adults and for the elder people – overall this event has something to offer for all ages! You can see the best horses, sympathethic ponies, most skilfull jockeys and drivers – and most of all two days of the absolutely best horse racing in Finland year 2010!

When the competitors are resting goes the audience Hietasaari dancing area to party. At Friday and at Saturday take the Finnish top artists care that the good music is been played. Hietasaari is located near the city and at the ocean beach shore where the dancing area offers room and services for everybody!


Konffa Event Management takes care of the hotel booking and accommodation. They will be glad to help You with your questions.


Ticket booking starts at February 2010. The tickets have option from all inclusive VIP-ticket to one-day tickets. The easiest way to buy the tickets is to contact us with e-mail at

Click here to buy net tickets!

Busses and taxes

The distances from the city are short so it is easy to find to the racing track and also to the dancing area. There are Non-Stop-busses driving the horse sport fans whole weekend to the happening places from the city and hotels. Also the taxes are quite cheap because of the short distances. The same concerns also Oulu Airport and railway station for the travellers.


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